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First day at Mika’s

So I was right about the course being aimed mostly at doing your own make-up but luckily the woman taking the course knows what she’s talking about!  Also, I’m actually her only student on a Wednesday which means she was able to personalise what she was teaching me. I told her how this is my first proper step to becoming a MUA and she was really helpful, giving me tips on how to adapt things for others and we had some spare time at the end of the class so she let me go over what she’d taught me on her :-) which was brave ;-). She’s been in the MUA business for about 10 years and has worked freelance on photo shoots and tv commercials and things like that, but now mostly does bridal make-up and teaching.

Yesterdays lesson was about doing natural make-up and the next two lessons will be on more of an evening look and colour theory.  It’s amazing how much make-up goes into creating the “natural” look :-)