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New Make-up Experiences

I got a great phone call the other day asking if I could fill in for Karin (Mika’s makeup studio) on a TV show doing the make-up for the presenter. The show is called The Mix. It’s hosted by Greg Coyes and is a “half-hour magazine of outstanding musical performance and informative interviews. Each show begins with a traditional M├ętis performer and then branches out to explore musical kinship right across contemporary First Nations Canada”. They travel around reporting on various events and groups/performers and record the introductions in a studio.

Everything I’m doing at the moment is voluntary as I can’t earn money in a freelance capacity due to the visa I’m on, but I don’t mind as I’m building up experience and a small portfolio of projects. Plus it was a favour for Karin as she had other obligations for that morning!

Karin left me a quick fire guide as to how to do Greg’s make-up which was appreciated. I think one thing I learned was to use plenty of powder when I initially set the make-up, as I had to powder Greg quite a bit due to him being shiny. The warm lights won’t have helped. So, basically, must powder more!

Third and Final Day of Mika’s Make-up Advanced Lessons

This post is a little delayed considering it’s now Sunday and the course was on wednesday but hey, better late than never!

Karin and Elizabeth showed us how to do airbrush make-up :-) We airbrushed the foundation and blush and then made up the eyes the traditional way. I have to admit I wasn’t too keen on the airbrush at first try. I felt as though I didn’t have as much control over what was happening as I do when using brushes and other tools. I was finished with my model quicker than the other two ladies were so I got to try it a second time, putting the blush on first and the foundation on second (the first time I did foundation first and blush on top) and that went a lot smoother than my first attempt! I got to try MAC Face and Body Foundation which we thinned down a little so that it would go throught the airbrush properly and not clog it up as the formula is a little bit too thick, then I got to try the Face Atelier. I think I prefered the Face Atilier although I don’t have a clue why! I guess people just get the feel of some products a lot quicker than others.

The thing with the airbrush is it’s very subtle when you’re putting on the foundation and a bit too easy to do too many layers. Definately takes a few goes to get the knack of it. Kudos to all the Airbrush MUA’s out there :-)!

Sadly, that was my last lesson for now but I may go back in the future for some more intense training on particular things but for now the course has ended. On the very bright side I got to learn soooo much from both trainers! I’m also getting to help out on a real life production due to meeting Elizabeth which is just amazing! Thank you to Karin at Mika’s for putting together a great personalised course for us, and thankyou to Karin and Elizabeth for being such fantastic teachers! X