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Second Advanced Lesson at Mika’s

Avant-garde [ˌævɒŋˈgɑːd (French) avɑ̃gard]


those artists, writers, musicians, etc., whose techniques and ideas are markedly experimental or in advance of those generally accepted


1. of such artists, etc., their ideas, or techniques

2. radical; daring”

This week we looked at Avant Garde make-up looks. I’ve put some examples below of Avant Garde images that I found on Youtube. I hope Wen Wen Zaspa doesn’t mind me using their video, it was just a great example.

We each chose really different looks with me doing a mask-like design on Andrea and she did a purple extreme smokey eye with pale face on me. I don’t have any pictures yet but we took some photos with Andrea’s and Karin’s camera’s so I’ll hopefully get some on her in the next week or so.

I got to learn a few tricks for creating arty looks, such as using tape to map out a design and how to bleed two colours into each other in an effective way. It was a really good lesson and once you see the photos you’ll understand why I got a few funny looks on the bus on my way home ;-)