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First shoot day!

It was a nice, easy first day for me on Monday, in a low-light room with basic make-up looks for one young woman and two young men.

I was put into a small cubby hole with flickering lights and a tiny shelf on which to put the make-up (on top of a nice, clean towel of my own of course). It was fun, and I figure I’m bound to work in worse places as build my portfolio ;-) I got to see two young ladies that I met at the make-up rehearsal and then I got to meet the three young men which play the leads across from the women. I can’t remember all their names but I’ll make a note of them when we next shoot and let you know who they are!

Our next shoot days are outside, with the young ladies, so more concentration needed for those looks ;-) Although we had a rehearsal day for their make-up I’ve had a word with Damian and decided to modify (read: change completely) the looks we tried. It was, after all, only a practice day to see what worked and what didn’t so mods are to be expected. We all want the characters to be realistic and suit the looks we give them, so these mods are a good thing!

As soon as Damian allows me to put up photos from on set then I’ll show you what we’re up to, so stay tuned for more…

Intensive Filming! Minor Moguls! Dance Troupe Make-Up!

Last weekend was taken up with filming a short promo video for an American charity.

I was the official Hair and Make-up Artist for the young star. One look was tired and messy, the other all youthful. As usual I don’t have any images I can put up due to non-disclosure issues and what-not, but it should only be a few weeks before I can actually link to the video :-) It’s supposed to be getting shown at a big, (possibly) star studded event at the end of April down in LA. Exciting!

I just hope I did a good job!

Also, a quick update about my meeting last week with the producer, Damian from Minor Mogul. The meeting went well and we spoke about the project at hand, the characters, what we’re both looking for from each other, etc, but I had some bad news in my personal life and it looked like we may have been heading back to the UK pretty quickly (we’re able to stay, though) and so had to contact him afterwards to say I couldn’t help on this particular project. It does sound like a great project and I hope to get to work with Damian in the future as I love the way his mind works. He’s a funny guy too, which is always good to be around :-)

On a new note, a friend of mine has joined a small dance group here in Vancouver and she asked if I would help with the make-up when the perform next. Of course I said yes! It should be a chance to go quite creative with the make-up and have some fun! That isn’t until June, but we’re going to get together next week to have a chat.