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Wedding Make-up

We’re still filming but the days are intermittent, so I said yes to helping out a friend this Saturday with a wedding party of ten :-) Apparently they had another MUA, but they can’t do it any more and Andrea thought of me, which is nice!

It’s down in Surrey (B.C.) which is a bit of a pain to get to for me with all of my kit, but it will be worth it and it will be lovely to spend the morning with a bridal party. They’re always so happy! With it being down in Surrey I’m thinking I should definitely look at what to take in my kit with a “less is more” approach, or I’ll never be able to cart it all down there, ha ha.

So excited :-)

Beauty and the Beast

I can’t even remember if I mentioned this one yet,but there is a local amateur production of Beauty and the Beast happening in a few weeks and I offered my services to the organiser (Diana Kaarina), along with a MUA friend of mine (Leonora Abreu), to give a helping hand backstage to anyone who needs it. :-)

I’ve created a “Stage Make-up: Basic Application Guide” and quick product list for those in the show who have never done their own make-up before, and I’m hoping to find somewhere that I can print off some colour images as inspiration for characters. Leonora and myself will also be spending Friday afternoon creating a few face charts with simple step-by-step instructions for the ensemble and the main characters.

I’m a stickler for good hygiene and so I’ve put together a bag of disposables (sponges, powder puffs, mascara wands, eye shadow applicators, etc.) for people to use, especially those who need to use products from my main kit. I know everything will be rather crazy backstage, but I still think good hygiene is important, especially when you have around 25 people running around and sharing products! Most of the things came from the new Dollar Store down the street on Broadway (they have a suprising range of things!) as it’s an amateur production with a small budget and I done mind spending a little on it as it’s great practice and experience for me.

Cabaret show make-up last night!

A MUA friend of mine (Leonorna) asked me to help out with the makeup for five ladies who were singing and dancing for a cabaret show last night at the J Lounge bar here in Vancouver.
We had talked about the general look for the ladies (thick winged black liner) but then just went for it once we were there. We tried to accentuate each girls colouring and features, contouring and defining so that the stage lights didn’t make their faces look flat.
Not makeup to go shopping in, as you can imagine, but it looked good when they were on stage.

There were a few people with cameras, but I didn’t have mine with me so no photos this time. I’ll definatelt get some next time though and put them up on here :-).

Stand-in MUA for the Morning

I stood in for Karin Shoji today on a shoot for a local hospital. The filming is for an information DVD which I think gets given to patients who are about to have surgery (from what I heard the presenter saying ;-) ). I did natural make-up for four people, each with different skin tones and features, then Karin arrived to take over and continue for the rest of the day. I’m pretty sure there were more people to be done later in the day as well whom Karin will be looking after.

All in all I learnt a few things, received another call-sheet (which are good to use as proof of working status to get memberships and discounts, etc), I got to use some of my new products (Mehron Touch Up Anti-Shine for example) and my confidence is growing.

I also got to use my new make-up belt which I bought second hand but is in great condition (I love Craigslist! ;-) ) It’s a MAC brush belt which obviously looks good but it is really functional too and holds all the things I need it to hold! I do like the convenience of a belt, but having to look passed my (reasonably sized) chest to see what brush I’m picking out is a bit of a pain, haha! A belt definately saves on bench space which can be an issue on set, but given the option, I think I prefer having everything laid out in front of me on a table/work bench as this way everything is in sight. Maybe if I hang the belt over a shoulder and wear it like a bag it might feel a bit better for me, what do you think? I’ve seen other MUA’s wear it that way.

Key Hair and Make-up Artist!

I’ve been given the opportunity to be the Key Hair and Make-up artist for a charities advert to be shown at their red carpet events and such!

The advert features a young girl, so make-up is going to be very natural, with some shimmer for the like for a “dream-like” sequence. The producer has a fair idea about how she wants the hair and make-up to look, but we’re going to discuss it further the next time we meet up. I know I said in my last post that I didn’t think I was ready to be  a Key, but there isn’t a hoard of actors to work on so I’ll be fine, and it’s such a great opportunity! I’ve been adding bits and pieces to my kit but I’m going to go on a major shopping spree this week for the items on my list that I haven’t bought yet. There’s a great shop that a few pro MUA’s have mentioned here in Vancouver called Holly North. I need to find out if I need to be registered with them to buy from them, but I’m going to try there for some things as they apparently have a decent range of products and brands aimed at people within the entertainment industries.

I was also contacted recently by a guy I messaged about helping out on their next low budget, independent movie.  We’re meeting up this week (in a public place for safety reasons of course!). It’s all go right now. Long may it continue! :-)

By the way, does anyone know of any good, professional reel/portfolio sites that may be of interest?

I love YouTube!

You can find anyone and anything on YouTube!  I search it for tutorial videos from business entrepreneurs, make-up artists and episodes of 1980′s cartoons (ah, the memories! Thunder, Thunder, Thunder Cats…) ;-).

Someone I found recently is a MUA based in the UK called Wayne Goss. I love his videos as they are full of useful info about professional quality products, which products you can save a few pennies on and great tutorials. (He’s not exactly an eyesore either ;-))

I’ve popped his show-reel into this post as I feel I should share him with the world. Hope he doesn’t mind! Ah, heck, he’s on YouTube so he’s abviously not shy ;-) Check him out: