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Goth Shoot with Photographer Anna Krasnova

Although yesterday was a busy day it was a lot of fun!

The goth themed shoot went well, with Melanie Madill as model, Anna Krasnova as photographer and myself as make-up artist. There was supposed to be a second model, but she had to cancel a few days ago, not sure why. We had time for two looks, but then I had to leave due to prior engagements but I left them a few bits and pieces such as lipstick in case they needed to touch up during the last bit of the shoot.

The images were mostly headshot style as Anna was focusing on her lighting and composition. We all took bits and pieces for props, clothing and the like (including a blond wig that Anna brought with her and Mel was dying to get her hands on, haha!). We didn’t have a hairstylist and none of us are particularly skilled with hair so I gave it a go and we kept things simple and used a lot of hairspray to keep things where we wanted it, hahaha (poor Mel)! Anna sent me a couple of images this morning and it looks like they had a go with the wig after I left :-) I’m not gonna put up the images she sent as she says they’re by no means the best fromt he day, so you’ll just had to wait for the final products that she’ll send once she’s finished post-processing ;-)

Donate a picture of you!

Help street children with You are the Big Picture

Check this out! You could have your face up on the side of a building or somewhere. All you have to do is donate a picture of yourself and it could be selected to be turned gargantuan. :-) It’s for a really good cause! I donated my facebook profile photo, it’s a photo of my Water Faerie look that I did for Miss Worthy’s competition :-)

The following is just a bit of info from their blog :-)

“Raising funds for Aviva’s Street to School programme which helps street children around the world, is an important part of the “You are the Big Picture” campaign. We’re really dedicated to making a positive difference in the communities we work in, and have pledged a five year commitment to help half a million children worldwide. For every image successfully donated, as part of “You are the Big Picture”, we will donate £1 to fund initiatives for street children in India, in partnership with Save the Children. India has more street children than any other country in the world and we want Street to School to really help make a difference here.”