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Production work

Oh wow, I am so tired! Yesterday wasn’t too bad as we only had to be on set for 7:45, but today we had to be there for 6:45. I left around 3:30pm today and they were still going strong. Most for the crew are doing 14 hour days, which I don’t envy them for, and poor Elizabeth works on Saturday nights until 6am so she came straight to set with no sleep at all! I didn’t get much sleep either but that’s because I kept hearing noises and thinking someone was breaking into the apartment (they weren’t! I heard glass break but I think one of the neighbours was a little worse for wear as there was a bit of stomping around and banging of the front door too, ha ha). When we’re doing the makeup to start of with I don’t feel tired at all but once everyone is done and they just need the odd touch up that’s when I start to flag a little, but I stay alert enough to watch the actors at work embodying their characters and to see the production crew at work with lighting and camera positions, etc :-).

Apart from being tired I’m still loving working on this project. I feel so lucky to be able to experience it early on in my MUA training and career as I know it can be really tough to find projects to work or volunteer on, especially one as creative and fun as this one :-). The more scenes I watch on set the more excited I become about the end results. I’d love to share it with you all, and will as soon as we’re allowed!

TV Pilot

Elizabeth emailed me the info for the TV pilot we’re doing soon. Looks like fun. I read through the script and in my personal, humble opinion it looks good. It introduces the characters and gives you a reason to want to see what happens in the next episode. And it’s Sci-fi which I love, haha!

There’s a make-up test day this Saturday which will be my first day “in the biz” ;-) as she thinks she’ll need a bit of help which is great! Looking forward to seeeing her in action and learning the tricks of the trade and what it really takes to be a professional MUA in TV!

Wish me luck! :-)