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Stand-in MUA for the Morning

I stood in for Karin Shoji today on a shoot for a local hospital. The filming is for an information DVD which I think gets given to patients who are about to have surgery (from what I heard the presenter saying ;-) ). I did natural make-up for four people, each with different skin tones and features, then Karin arrived to take over and continue for the rest of the day. I’m pretty sure there were more people to be done later in the day as well whom Karin will be looking after.

All in all I learnt a few things, received another call-sheet (which are good to use as proof of working status to get memberships and discounts, etc), I got to use some of my new products (Mehron Touch Up Anti-Shine for example) and my confidence is growing.

I also got to use my new make-up belt which I bought second hand but is in great condition (I love Craigslist! ;-) ) It’s a MAC brush belt which obviously looks good but it is really functional too and holds all the things I need it to hold! I do like the convenience of a belt, but having to look passed my (reasonably sized) chest to see what brush I’m picking out is a bit of a pain, haha! A belt definately saves on bench space which can be an issue on set, but given the option, I think I prefer having everything laid out in front of me on a table/work bench as this way everything is in sight. Maybe if I hang the belt over a shoulder and wear it like a bag it might feel a bit better for me, what do you think? I’ve seen other MUA’s wear it that way.


Inmykit.com has had a face-lift! There are more products and descriptions from professional make-up artists and a new layout. Check it out for advice on products for your kit, Pro or otherwise.

Below is an exerpt from the site:

In My Kit was launched in 2005 as a guide to assist new makeup artists.  Building your first professional makeup kit can be very expensive and given the endless product choices…very confusing.

The products reviewed and recommended on IN MY KIT appear only after their performance is approved as pro quality by a cross-section of highly respected, working Senior Pro Artists around the world. We compare notes at industry events, by phone, by email, on social networks and industry forums.
Everything from moisturizer to mascara, lipstick to lipgloss, drugstore to specialty store. This is a guide to the best basics, outstanding new technology and some all-time favorites that are still best in category.

Consideration for placement on this website will never be based on Comps or Sponsorship from any manufacturer or distributor. Quality control is also VERY important and products appearing on this website are periodically checked for consistency.  Companies that alter existing formulations in a way that compromises or lessens their product’s performance will be removed from the IN MY KIT website.

EXTRA! EXTRA! Most of the companies featured offer Professional Makeup Artist discount programs when you present the correct credentials.”