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Professional Kit Advice

I spend so much of my time researching life as a make-up artist that I thought it might be helpful to pass on some of the web-sites I’ve found that I think are useful for people like me who are working their way into the world of the Make-up Artist.

These links are for people who are wondering what they need in a professional make-up kit, items it’s worth splurging on and products where it’s okay to save a little money. Some of the links go to basic lists of general items that a MUA must have (cotton swabs, brush cleaner,etc), others actually give examples of the brands that professionals use in their kits (RCMA, Barry M, MAC, etc) and a couple go to videos on YouTube that I think are informative.

I chose to tell you about these links because the articles/videos are done actual Make-up Artists and so the comments, advice, etc comes from actual expertise!

What should a basic Make-up Effects Kit contain? Some info for those thinking of getting into the Effects side of make-up.

Makeup by RenRen. This post is a few years old but still relevant! A real-life look at how a budding MUA built up her kit.

In My Kit, an honest guide to what the professionals really use. This is great! It has loads of product advice ranging from budget brands to the not so budget.

A video on YouTube by a Pro MUA kindly showing us what their kit looks like.

A 4 part blog series about what goes into a professional kit, and examples of what is in the MUA’s

How to put a Makeup Kit Together, includes photos of the MUA’s own kit.

Hope these are helpful. At least I may have saved some of you a little bit of online trawling ;-)