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Eye Make-up

Last Saturday after working on set I went round to Rose’s (works with Greg) to meet her and Niloo for a make-up practice session. Of course it turned into a girly night and we went out for dinner before practice ;-) They both have great faces and I showed them a load of tear sheets and face charts to choose a look from but in the end they left it up to me to choose. I didn’t want to go overboard with the looks as I feel I need to practice my Bridal/Daytime/Special Occassion skills as I tend to lean towards the fantasy-esq/Avent Garde/Ridiculously weird ;-) I have created some really fun looks which I want to try at some point but they can wait!

I concentrated on the eyes and here’s what I ended up with:


Niloo is on the left and Rose is on the right. I have edited and cropped pictures, focused on their eyes, on Picassa but can’t figure put how to get to those using the “add picture”  button on here (I’m usually good with computers but dont want to fiddle and lose the photos I have!). When I figure it all out I’ll upload some close ups.

For Niloo I went with purples and took it right up to her brow as I think she has great eyes for showing off make-up. I did use a photo from a magazine for reference but then just did my own thing after a while, haha. I Put a light purple all over the lid to the crease, then a darker purple through the crease and took out to create a slight “cats eye” effect, then highlighted the brow and the very inner corner of the eyes with a shimmery silver. I didn’t want to define the “cats eye” look too much as I was trying to stay with a bridal/special occasion style, but I did apply black liquid liner to the top and bottom lashes and kept going creating a “flick” past the outer corner. To turn this into a night time look I would add a dark purple to the crease and outer corner defining a “smokey eye” look.

For Rose I went with golds and browns as they look great with her skin tone and eye colour. I did a simple “smokey eye”, with gold all over the lid then a lgiht brown along the upper lash line. I took a darker brown and blended from the centre of the upper lash line into and just past the crease going up and out to create the smokey effect. I used a little of the silver shimmer at the inner corner of her eyes to brighten them up a bit. I added a couple of false lashed to the outer edges of Rose’s top lashes and then popped a couple of gems at the inner corners, just for a bit of fun ;-)

The products I used were a mix of hight street brands such as eye shadows from Claires Accessories and Collection 2000 ( suprisingly pigmented for the price), Maybelline Mascara, Quo individual lashes, Maybelline studio gel liner (really easy to work with), Garnier cleansing wipes, Sephora anti-bacterial brush cleanser (the ladies at Sephora very kindly gave me a couple of disposable mascara wands as I couldn’t find any Downtown, thanks ladies!), Micheals Craft Store gems (stuck on with lash glue) and my Crown Brush brush set :-)

What do you think? For my first real attempt at toned down Special Occassion make-up for others, I think I did okay :-)

Aha! I figured out how to get the edited photos onto here (with a little help from hubby :-) )



Thankyou to Niloo and Rose for being my models :-) X