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Model Mayhem for Newbies

For those who don’t know, Model Mayhem is a site where Photographers, Models, Make-up Artists, Hair Stylists, etc can create a profile and make contact with others in the industry. You can find a photographer to do test shoots or a hair stylist to complete the look for a photo shoot…

A couple of weeks ago I created an account  to try and find people to collaborate with and I’ve already had a few offers of TF (Time For Photos/CD) to do some test shoots with people. There’s a couple of photographers that have asked to stay in touch as I wasn’t in the country when they wanted to shoot, and there’s an agency represented model that I’m shooting with next month.

There are different levels that you can sign up for. The basic package is free but then you can pay to have the bigger packages that let you put more images into your portfolio and contact more people, etc. You’ll have to go to the website to see exactly what they have available as I can’t remember, haha! To sign up you need to have a minimum of four (4) images to put into your portfolio and then it takes a couple of days for your profile to be approved/denied. You pick your level i.e. Experienced/Very Experienced/New, etc) and then write a little blurb about yourself saying what you are looking to get from Model Mayhem (paid work/ TFP projects, etc) and maybe a bit about your experience or training. Once you’re approved you can look for people in your area that you might want to work with and if you have a project you’d like them to work with you on you simply ask. You could even introduce yourself to those you like the style/skills of and let them know up front that you’d love to work with them if something comes up!

There are also loads of forum posts, competitions and places to post images to get critiqued or ask for advice from others on MM. It seems to work well for TFP projects as, like I mentioned, I’ve already made a few contacts but I don’t know if it’s any good for getting paid work.

If you’re on MM and get paid work I’d love to hear about it…

Building Up A Portfolio

So most of my time at the moment is spent looking for projects to work on. CraigsList.ca is great for this and I have a few people on the look out ;-)
Most postings ask for Key Make-up artists which I dont think I’m ready for as I want to gain more experience on set/location working with other MUA’s that have more experience than me, but there are a few things out there looking for additional help so I’m basically sending out emails offering myself as a spare pair of hands. Everything depends on whether or not they reply :-/
There are, however, local Photographers looking to collaborate to build their portfolios and I definitely think I am ready for that! I have so many ideas for looks I want to create. Some nice clean beauty shots and other wild and weird. All I need now is a chance to bring them to life ;-). I think once I have a few great pictures I’ll set up a ModelMayhem page!

I’m still waiting to hear when I can use the images from the Pilot show I worked on. I think they’ll be a nice start to my portfolio :-)