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First Advanced Lesson at Mika’s

My family were in Vancouver for a week and so I took them with me to this lesson. My sister and niece were our willing guinea pigs ( a third student in our class brought her own model/friend) and my mam watch. We created vampire looks with really pale skin, dark eyes, etc.

Andrea worked on Simonne (my niece) and she did an amazing look! Simonne ended up with a flatter looking nose, Vulcan style eyebrows (for non-Trekkie’s, Vulcan’s eyebrows look like this ) but much longer, black lips and Little details that just looked great! Nice one Andrea! :-)

The new recruit (sorry, I don’t remember her name) did a lovely look on her friend which was both pretty and creepy at the same time. She used classic lines, hollow cheeks, lots of eye-shadow and dark lips.

I didn’t do as well as the others in my opinion. It’s wierd as fantasy-esq make-up is definately where I feel the most comfortable but I played it really safe for some reason. I think I was maybe a bit embarressed or scared of going over-board or something in front of everyone (especially professional MUA’s). I used dark eye-shadow and darkened Katrina’s (my sisters) blond eyebrows and did a red lip and hollow cheeks, but it wasn’t half as good as the others’. I was pleased with the scratch marks I drew on her neck and cheek though :-)( In our little character backstory Katrina had been bitten by Edward and was fighting with Jacob who scratched her, haha. My sister’s Twilight crazy!).

Karin and Elizabeth showed us how to create different types of blood for various types of wounds for if we want to do some special effects make-up so I had a little dried blood on her wounds and a little dripping blood running down her chin. That looked good! :-) Creepy, but good :-)

Anyway, here’s what I did. I like how realistic the scratches look:

kat vampire

Here’s Andreas work on Simonne:

simonne vampire