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RISE Fashion Show

Yesterday was the RISE Fashion Show at the Roadhouse Community Centre!

It was a great evening and I met some lovely people, including a model named Jazmine and the Key Make-up Artist Jacqueline Parker who did a great job designing the two looks we were to re-create on our models and organising all the Hair Stylists and Make-up Artists on the evening. (Jacqueline also put together little goody bags for everyone as a thank you for helping out, which was a lovely touch :-) ) I also bumped into a Make-up Artist/Hair Stylist that I met at the Nygard show, Elena Ismail. Always nice to see a familiar face!

The looks were quite simple to recreate as we were provided with photos and a small step-by-step guide on creating them. The first one was a smokey eye with pale lip, the second a natural eye with a gorgeous dark berry lip. We were told to just bring along our brushes and brush cleaner as the make-up we were to use was being provided for us by a company called Sappho Cosmetics. I’d never heard of them until this event, but I did really like their eyeshadows and bronzer!

I don’t have any photos as yet, but there was a professional photographer and videographer there photographing and filming the whole show and there are a few photos up on RISES’s Facebook page, but not of all the models or the whole show. Hopefully they’ll have the video up soon and I can link through to that for you!

All in all a fun night for a good cause promoting thrift and recyling :-)

Pre-shoot Meeting

A beautiful day and what do I get to do?… a three hour round trip on the the bus and skytrain for a pre-shoot meeting down in Surrey! It was worth it though, haha! :-) The meeting went well and then I got to sit out on our 23rd floor balcony for dinner ;-)

Basically what happened was that I met with the designer/maker of the lingerie that we’re shooting for (Robyn at Satin Lillie Creations)  and we went through some photos and magazine clips to see what kind of image she is thinking of for with each model (there’ 5). It’s one thing me as the Make-up Artist to think “oh I know what would look good” and another thing for us to be in agreement as to what the client was thinking and what I can advise! Robyn said she has no idea about make-up, but she still had some ideas on how dramatic she wants to go and what styles she does or doesn’t want for each of the models (sophisticated/young and innocent, etc).

It was a good meeting and I came away having seen photos of the models (five of them), the clothing that will be worn and an idea of what the designer is looking for. For the actual shoot I’ll have Clarissa Jorquera there to help. She’s nearing the end of her make-up course at Vancouver Film School and is extremely talented, so it will be lovely to have her with me for me day! (Yay for Clarissa!) :-)

Rising Unicorn: Alethea

Eddie from Ziggy Productions has put out another video from the Rising Unicorn collection.I’m so glad Eddie’s put together a video for the fairy as she was stunning out there in the cold damp forest of Stanley Park in October, climbing trees and jumping through streams, haha!

Her make-up was really simple. It ws clean beauty with nice long lashes, some gold leaves glued to the outer edge of her face and gold spotted around her eyes and on her lips. You can’t really see it in the video though, but I don’t mind so much, she still looks lovely :-)

This is the fairy Alethea:

Next theatre show

I was passed on some info about a theatre show at UBC (University of British Columbia) that was looking for make-up artists to give a helping hand, so that’s where I’ll be tomorrow evening from 6pm until the show is over. It’s a one night musical show called “Spoon River”.

I’ve never heard of but I get to make 7 people look dead, so I’m looking forward to it ;-)

Cabaret show make-up last night!

A MUA friend of mine (Leonorna) asked me to help out with the makeup for five ladies who were singing and dancing for a cabaret show last night at the J Lounge bar here in Vancouver.
We had talked about the general look for the ladies (thick winged black liner) but then just went for it once we were there. We tried to accentuate each girls colouring and features, contouring and defining so that the stage lights didn’t make their faces look flat.
Not makeup to go shopping in, as you can imagine, but it looked good when they were on stage.

There were a few people with cameras, but I didn’t have mine with me so no photos this time. I’ll definatelt get some next time though and put them up on here :-).

Another Year In Canada! :-)

Greg’s work is able to sponsor him to stay and work for them for another year, which means we get to stay in Vancouver for a bit longer!! :-)

Vancouver seems like a great place for us both with regards to work. Greg has a job he enjoys, in a city he likes, with great weather in summer (always nice) and I will hopefully get some more work experience on projects in the area. There are a few web-sites such as Craigs List where people can advertise the tv/film/photography projects that they need help with, so hopefully I’ll be able to find some things to work on in my spare time and build up my portfolio :-).

The only problem with being able to stay is that we can’t leave Canada while our visa applications are being processed, which means I’m not able to visit family and friends back home for another few months. So sad, but at least we can now time our home visit for the time when my pregnant sister is due ;-)

Ups and downs, swings and round-abouts!