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Zombie Walk

The Vancouver Zombie walk wa last weekend and so I got to have some fun with my make-up!

I killed myself, Greg (hubby) and two other guys called Aidan and Jacques. I have a couple of photos of how Greg and me turned outand hopefully I’ll get some of Aidan and Jacques in the next few days. Jzcques turned up at the last minute so didn’t really have as much done to him as the rest of us, but I definitely think greg turned out rather Un-Dead indeed! :-) I’m not sure if I have a photo of Greg stomach which is a shame as that was the best bit. I made it look like his stomach was falling apart!

It was a lot of fun and people kept stopping us and taking our photos, hehe! There are now photos on Facebook of me eating Gregs intestines and trying to bite random people who mistakenly got too close ;-)

The photos are from the lovely Joel who was there at the Zombie Walk taking pics of all us beautiful undead. You can see his work on his website. (He doesn’t just do the Undead, incase you’re wondering!)