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Soft brushes

I cleaned my brushes and used the tip in the video about olive oil to help soften them, and it worked! My brushes range in quality and price (I even have a couple from the dollar store which make great concealer brushes since they’re synthetic with a little firmness to them) and I wanted to see if I could get the not-so-soft bruches feeling a little nicer (I’ve hardly used them recently and they were just going to go into my personal collection instead of my professional collection).

Suprisingly it even worked on my synthetic brushes. They are all sooo soft, its fantastic! I had to wash them twice after leaving them covered in oil for a few minutes but that wasn’t a problem. I highly recommend this tactic :-)

Thanks BeautyNewbie ;-) I couldn’t put the video itself up on here as the “embed” option isn’t available but you can just click here to link through.

I love YouTube!

You can find anyone and anything on YouTube!  I search it for tutorial videos from business entrepreneurs, make-up artists and episodes of 1980′s cartoons (ah, the memories! Thunder, Thunder, Thunder Cats…) ;-).

Someone I found recently is a MUA based in the UK called Wayne Goss. I love his videos as they are full of useful info about professional quality products, which products you can save a few pennies on and great tutorials. (He’s not exactly an eyesore either ;-))

I’ve popped his show-reel into this post as I feel I should share him with the world. Hope he doesn’t mind! Ah, heck, he’s on YouTube so he’s abviously not shy ;-) Check him out: